More than magic: Bewitched 1964-1972

agnes and lizSixties saccharine. Bewitched was the long running 60s /70s US sitcom in which ambitious career man Darrin (Dick York, later Dick Sargent) is married to Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), who happens to be a modern day witch. Following the quirky revelation (on their wedding night), Darrin forbids Samantha to ever use witchcraft again and she attempts to live up to his Stepford ideal. Well, almost… for of course, once a witch, always a- Samantha’s magic soon generates topsy-turvy mayhem and rated-U capers in suburbia ensue. Episodes often resolve with Samantha correcting her enchanted mishaps to save her husband, whilst emasculating every other 1960s /70s male at the same time. Supporting: Agnes Moorehead plays Endora, Samantha’s mother who disapproves of mortal Darrin (often mispronouncing or forgetting his name entirely), whilst David White plays Darrin’s boss Larry, who alternates between demanding and confused. Terribly dated but wickedly fun with a feminist proclamation floating somewhere about on a broom.


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