Short Circuit 2 (1988)

Johnny wants five

Johnny 5 is ALIVE and in New York City (actually Toronto) where he soon learns bad self-esteem, Catholicism and teen dating advice. Benjamin (Fisher Stevens) receives the pleasure of his likeable company to assist him and new shady partner (the slimy Michael McKean) assemble Johnny 5 toys for a looming deadline. Unfortunately, their new warehouse just happens to be the one where diamond crooks have been burrowing a tunnel to the bank vault across the street. Add in late 80s pop culture, character redemption and possibly the cheesiest ending ever put to film and we have a feel good movie. No Ally Sheedy this time, and it’s something odd that the military have no interest in one of their thought-to-be destroyed cyborgs openly roaming the metropolitan area, but Johnny 5 is endearing enough to pass off this slightly over-long sequel and still suspend some disbelief – a sentimental and fun hi-5.


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